Ocarina Songs on the Piano

= D (Low) Zelda's Lullaby: B-D(High)-A-B-D(High)-A
Epona's Song: D(High)-B-A-D(High)-B-A
Saria's Song: E-A-B-E-A-B
= B Sun's Song: A-E-D(High)-A-E-D(High)
Song of Time: E-D(Low)-A-E-D(Low)-A
Song of Storms: D(Low)-E-D(High)-D(Low)-E-D
= A Minuet of the Forest: D(Low)-D(High)-B-A-B-A
Bolero of Fire: E-D(Low)-E-D(Low)-A-E-A-E
Serenade of Water: D(Low)-E-A-A-B
= D (High) Nocturne of Shadow: B-A-A-D(Low)-B-A-E
Requiem of Spirit: D(Low)-E-D(Low)-A-E-D(Low)
Prelude of Light: D(High)-A-D(High)-A-B-D(High)
= E